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Super Simple Body Weight Workout for Summer Travel

Squat Jump, Push Up, Sit Up, LET's GO!

Exercise and staying in shape during summer vacation or travel doesn't have to be complicated. It also doesn't have to require any equipment or take up much space. If you need a quick hitting simple workout that has a lot of bang for your buck, Founder Neissa Springmann relies on these 3 exercises:

-10 Squat Jumps (or Squat) - Keeps your legs strong and gets your heart rate up

-5 Push Ups (regular or on your knees)- An awesome total upper body exercise

-10 Full Sit- Works your core*

*Bonus*- If you have space and are outdoors, add a quick up and back sprint

Set your timer for however much time you have and repeat these exercise rounds over and over until your timer stops.


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