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Summer 2021: iGnite Around the World!

Wherever you go and whatever you do, this summer we want you to iGnite the World!

Step 1

  • Wear your iGnite shirts, sweatshirts, hats and sun glasses

  • Drink out of your iGnite koozie

  • Use your iGnite beach or iGnite sweat towel and....

Step 2

1. Take a picture of yourself wearing or using your iGnite gear.

2. Post your picture with location on our Member-Only FB page or...

3. Email your picture with location to

(Please do not text pictures. Pictures that are text will not be used).

Earn Points and Win This Way

  • Earn 1 point by taking a picture of yourself in/with your iGnite gear and emailing or posting it.

  • Earn 2 points by taking a picture of yourself in/ with your iGnite gear doing any exercise, stretch, pose you do in iGnite (Ex: Side plank, squat, lunge, jump, dip, yoga poseEarn Points and Win This Way

Prize Earnings

  • Top Point Earner- $50 iGnite Class Credit

  • 2nd and 3rd Top Point Earners- $25 iGnite Class Credit

  • Random Drawing Earner- $25 iGnite Class Credit

Need some iGnite gear? Shop Online or in Class! anything with your resistance band.) and emailing or posting it.

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