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Our Team's Favorite Post Workout Breakfasts

collage of six breakfasts


For the most part, our leaders prefer to eat after working out, maybe grabbing a banana before, but nothing too heavy. But when it comes to post workout breakfasts, look out! Today they're offering up some great suggestions - from snacks all the way to straight up breakfast!

breakfast smoothie

7 Ingredient Smoothie

"I make this every morning and drink it post workout: blueberries, banana, Vega protein powder, cinnamon, collagen peptides, peanut butter, spinach and almond milk!"

Straight up Breakfast

"2 eggs over easy and 2 slices of Turkey bacon!"

"2 Over medium eggs w/either avocado toast or an English muffin"

tofu scramble

"I'll have this for dinner too, always with avocado toast and tempeh bacon ."

*We find a lot of great recipes from Nora Cooks!


Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt

"I get the Madagascar Vanilla Cinnamon and add berries and seeds or nuts."


"I make this with protein powder and coconut milk - I'll add berries and walnuts too."

*We like the variations that Eat This Not That offers!

protein shake

Orgain Protein Shake

"When I'm in a rush, this is what I do. 20g protein only 130 calories - so easy, so good, and done!"

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