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Our Halloween Char-BOO-Turie Board

Toil and Trouble?

Hardly! Just check out this super cute and easy to create Char-BOO-Turie Board! Scary MUMMIES, er, pigs in blankets, apple & peanut butter MONSTERS, GHOSTLY bell peppers and Mini pizzas topped with SPIDER olives! Truly something for every guy and ghoul at the party!

The DEVIL’s in the details, all below:

If you have candy eyeballs and peanut butter (for sticking), you can turn anything into a monster. We found some fun ideas online and took the liberty to tweak a few things, and you can too!

We found the spider and apple idea at Foxeslovelemons .Then, we found the ghost idea on Instagram HERE and the pigs in a blanket mummy idea, also in Instagram HERE. For the ghosts, we used bell pepper instead of carrots and it was very easy.

Happy Halloween and remember...somebody's watching you!!!!!


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