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Our 7th Annual Renew Year Retreat in San Diego

Our 7th Annual Renew Year Retreat in San Diego provided the perfect opportunity to step away, clear our minds, catch our breath, be pampered and feel renewed in the new year. This retreat provides “everything we didn’t know we needed”, such as no responsibility to do anything beyond what we want to do, be fully taken care of and nourished in body, mind and spirit. Truly, to start each day with the inspiring rising sun and surfers, followed by meditation, exercise, breakfast, fun on the beach, rest, meaningful conversations, delicious meals, loads of laughter and glorious sunsets is the ideal way to enter into the new year!

We’re already looking to 2024 and now is the perfect time to say YES!

Jan 19-22

Jan 23-26

Click HERE to see all details and email us and let us know if you can experience bliss and joy with us in 2024!

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