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Notice All the Awesome that Surrounds You

Since we're on the topic of *awesome*, have you noticed the subtle change in temperature, the slightly shorter days, and the occasional Monarch butterfly floating around in the air? I feel these three things fall into the inspiring, remarkable and outstanding categories (the definition of awesome), but if you're distracted you will not notice them.

To notice means:

to become aware

to give attention to

As we continue to step deeper and deeper into September and find our awesome routine and rhythm (including your iGnite routine), I encourage you to notice all the awesome beauty that surrounds you, and is in you. Notice the slight changes in this season, the smells and different sensations. Notice what your body, mind and spirit are telling you and all you can do! Notice your thoughts, notice your family and notice your community. As you notice, I encourage you to pause and remember. Remember by taking a picture, writing it down or sending yourself a text message about it (often my mode for remembering). *Please note*: to notice all the awesome that is in you and surrounds you is difficult and almost impossible if you are looking down, multi-tasking or moving too fast--most often avoidable distractions. To notice requires intention.

I'm thankful that almost three years ago to date, Austin Leader Jill Watts noticed all the awesome beauty that surrounded her, which is when she took a picture of the Monarch butterfly (our mascot and inspiration) emerging from her cocoon. WOW! How awesome is that picture! God has given us so much awesome---that surrounds us and in us. It is ours to notice, remember, be thankful for and enjoy...over and over again.


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