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New Year 'Bold & Best Life' Challenge

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Commit to being bold. Commit to being healthy. Commit to your best life!

There's no better time than now, the New Year, to kick your bold and best life goals into high gear, and one of the best ways to make that happen is by committing to your holistic health and fitness!

Reminder: action breeds confidence, courage and best life results!

'Bold & Best Life' Challenge: 32 classes in 8 weeks

  • January 17 - March 13 (for some of us, just in time for Spring Break, for all of us, just in time for Spring!)

  • 3 Class Modes Available:

  1. In-person Classes

  2. Live At-Home Classes

  3. Video library- Max number of library classes that can be used for challenge is 10

  • Prizes for every finisher: Livin' My Best Life' Beach Towel or hat (see below)

  • We're Bolder Together! Invite friends from everywhere to join you. Refer a friend and receive $20 iGnite credit!

For Video Library Only Challengers: take 40 Video Library classes in 8 weeks and receive a Livin' My Best Life Beach Towel or hat.

To join the Challenge email us at with:



March 15, 2022: Winner Update! Congratulations to 11 our winners!!!!

Not seen in image: Karla Keahey & Renee Guerrero

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