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Member Spotlight: Taylor Wilson

A little about me... I'm from Austin, Texas, am married to Will and have three children, Charlotte (7), Millie (4.5) and Cooper (20 months). I own a local interior design business, Austin Design House, and work with three other wonderful ladies which include my mom, Aimee, and friends Jess and Kat! If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself...

Part of me wants to tell my younger self that nothing is going to work out the way you think! Ha! Truth is if you had told me the future, what I would be doing as a career, who I would have married etc. I would have never believed you. On one hand I do have what I always wanted, a beautiful family, a home close to my mom and dad, and a fun job. But getting here did not look how I thought it would, and made me realize how faithful God truly is.

All that to say I would tell myself to take chances and not to be afraid of what everyone is thinking, because in the end the people that love you support you. The only approval that matters is Jesus' and we receive that every day because of His never ending grace. Be bold, be brave and believe in yourself. I was always afraid to try new things and the older I get I realize how silly that is. Failing doesn’t break you but makes you stronger and wiser. And it’s ok if the plan changes!

My biggest takeaway from being part of iGnite is... This is my third year to be a part of iGnite. I started working out with Kathleen one summer and never looked back! It has been the first time in my life that I have worked out consistently, week in and week out. It truly changed my mentality about working out. I look forward to seeing everyone every week and doing a new workout each time! I have made such great friends of all ages thanks to iGnite. It truly is a community like no other. Kathleen Parker and the ladies I exercise with make life so much richer and happier.

In my free time...

I love to go to dinner with friends. There are always new places to try in Austin. I also love to go to Alamo Drafthouse with my daughters.

Something people may not know about me is...

Neissa(founder of iGnite) was my personal trainer when I was in high school at Castle Hill! I have loved watching her grow her business and am so happy to still be connected with her!

My favorite accounts to follow online are...

@ellielivesaywellness, @estilo_austin, @igniteyourlife_ , @seersuckerandsaddles, @lizadams, @livingwithlandyn & @thedefineddish

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