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Member Spotlight: Meet San Diego Member, Angela Jain!

iGnite IS our members! They make us what we are, which is why we LOVE spotlighting them! Meet San Diego Member, Angela Jain. There are many reasons why we love Angela, but a few of the things we love most about her is her upbeat and hilarious personality and her willingness to always have fun! And, you'll never see Angela without a smile on her face and we love that too!

Where do you live and how do you iGnite? I live in San Diego and iGnite in person. My next door neighbor is iGnite leader Carissa, so I have no excuses not to roll our of bed and get to her house for an awesome workout!

Where did you grow up?

Toronto, Canada

What word to you mutter while doing burpees?

S@#T, S@#T, S@#T! :)

What's been your favorite job and do you still do it?

Being a Mom :) It’s been the most challenging and most rewarding job of my life. I just love watching my kids grow

Right after class, I usually…

Shower, grab a tea and breakfast, get my kids out the door for school and start my day energized, working from home!

Who's your biggest motivator and what do they do for you?

My husband is my biggest cheerleader. He's always up for all my random ideas and shenanigans from crazy Halloween costumes I make him dress up as, to holding down the fort when I'm working out or going on long runs! He's always very supportive of everything I do!

What’s saving you right now?

TED LASSO – LOVE that show!

What class do you most look forward to and why?

Tuesday Cardio Crush and Thursdays Metabolic HIIT at 7am! We have a really great group of ladies that really make the workouts. We catch up on life, kids, current events, shows to watch and I always throw out random pop culture topics that we chat about!

What do you love most about iGnite?

The people I work out with :) It is YOU ladies I wake up for - the workout is just a bonus.

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