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Member Spotlight: Meet Austin Member, Tracy Picone!

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

iGnite IS our members! They make us what we are, which is why we LOVE spotlighting them! Meet Austin Member, Tracy Picone--wife, mother of 3 and kick-butt realtor! We love Tracy's smile, her mad dancing skills, her fearlessness on the water and her incredible, unstoppable grit and love for life!

Where do you live and how do you iGnite? We live in the Zilker neighborhood of Austin after raising our kids in Westlake and I iGnite in person all over Austin

Where did you grow up?

Outside of Rochester, NY

What word to you mutter while doing burpees?

You don't want to know...

Favorite exercise song:

Blinding Lights

Most Favorite Word:


What do you usually do right after class?

Go to Texas Honey Ham – probably not the best choice.

Who’s your biggest motivator or cheerleader and what do they do for you?

My three daughters and my husband- constantly giving me good feedback (now that they’re adults!)

What class do you most look forward to and why?

Monday morning cardio strength- starts the week out right. Routine is critical for productivity.

What has been your favorite job and do you still do it?

Being a realtor - I love homes and love the matchmaking process of finding a good fit for people…I also love the process of making a property look great to hit the market.

What’s saving you right now?

Feeling a sense of accomplishment as our third and last daughter starts her first post grad job and our empty nest new construction home is almost done, and I’m entering phase 3 of live – 60s and beyond!

What do you love most about iGnite?

The relationships that have been created and will continue to be created!

And of course the endorphins.

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