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Member Spotlight: Meet At Home Member, Gwen Gibson!

iGnite IS our members! They make us what we are, which is why we LOVE spotlighting them! This week, we invite you to meet At Home Member, Gwen Gibson! Gwen joined us two years ago, At Home, and most recently, she crushed our 30-class/7-Week "Get it Girl" Challenge! What we love about Gwen is when she sets her mind to something, nothing can stop this bubbly, spunky and oh-so-fun wife, mom, grandmother, friend and Georgia Peach.

How long have you been a member?

Two years!

Where do you live and how do you iGnite?

I live in Bixby, OK, across the street from our AMAZING leader, Neissa. I iGnite through At Home Live, and the Video Library.

Where did you grow up?

I'm from Alabama and Georgia, we raised our 2 boys in Mableton, GA, just outside of Atlanta.

How did you become a part of iGnite? Before the pandemic, and before I met Neissa, I would see her class working out, outside. It made me curious, so when we finally met, I asked her what was going on!hhjk

What do you do right after class?

If it's a live class, I LOVE our little social chats. If it's a video, I jump right into my day, with much more energy than on the days I don't have a class.

What's your favorite exercise song?

Top Gun theme song!

What's your most favorite word?

Forgive - because I have been forgiven of SO MUCH!

Who’s your biggest motivator and what do they do for you?

My husband is my motivator, but Neissa is my cheerleader!

What class do you most look forward to and why?

I LOVE Neissa's full body stretches. I also enjoy the kickboxing, when my knee lets me. I really work out a lot of aggression during those workouts.

What’s something about you that we’d be surprised to learn?

I have snow skied, SCUBA dived in the South China Sea and on the Great Barrier Reef, and flown in a bi-wing, open cockpit airplane!

What do you mutter while doing burpees?

Burpees are still a goal of mine, but when I do one, I'm wondering if I'm going to make it back up. So far, so good!

What's been your favorite job and do you still do it?

I have had a number of jobs, but my favorite is being GiGi to my four grandchildren! BEST. JOB. EVER!!!

If you were going to invite a friend along to iGnite, what would you say to encourage them to come?

If I can do it, I know you can!

What are your favorite local and not local social media accounts to follow? I LOVE Garden Answer! Bixby Crybabies keep me informed about local stuff as well as being highly entertaining.

What’s saving you right now?

Endorphins... literally. And guess where I get them from?!!

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