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Meet Austin Member, Caroline Page!

iGnite IS our members! They make us what we are, which is why we LOVE spotlighting them! This week, we invite you to meet Austin Member, Caroline Page! There is so much to love about Caroline, but one of the many things we love about her is how she lives and loves. Caroline is fearless, always smiling and ferociously committed to loving her family, friends and living her best life!

How long have you been a member?

I have known about iGnite since its beginning, and attended classes in 2017, but I have been a member for about 1.5 years.

Where do you live and how do you iGnite?

Austin; I iGnite in person in Austin and participate in some virtual classes with Neissa!

Where did you grow up?


What word to you mutter while doing burpees?


How did you become a part of iGnite?

I have known about iGnite for many years, but it wasn't until the pandemic when my work from home schedule allowed me to attend virtual classes that I became an active participant and then a member.

Favorite exercise song?

Can't pick just one, but anything Beyonce, Lizzo, Justin Bieber and 1990s-00s hip hop/rap/pop throwbacks!

What class do you most look forward to and why?

Power Up; I love what a challenge it is and how it takes me outside of my comfort zone and requires me to work extra hard and try something new every time. I have never worked out with such heavy weights, or done things like pull ups (since I was a kid!), so that's been difficult and fun.

Most Favorite Word:


What do you usually do right after class?

Rush home to get ready for work - and then off to work with ample coffee in hand!

Who’s your biggest motivator and what do they do for you?

Neissa and Kathleen are big cheerleaders for my ignite journey! And my siblings and parents are big motivators in my life. My spirited dog, Olive, is a great running buddy!

What’s something about you we'd be surprised to learn?

I love live music and going to shows. It's one of my favorite things about living in Austin and I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. Also, I am an aunt to two nieces and one nephew and love that role! They're the best and being an aunt is really fun and special.

What's been your favorite job and do you still do it?

My current job! I am the Director of Development and Communications for an amazing local organization, Friends of the Children Austin, and I love that I get to raise funds and awareness for something I care so much about and know is making an impact. I also LOVED my job at Robin Hood for the six years I lived in NYC. However, if I could go back to Camp Longhorn and be a camp counselor again, I would do that in a heartbeat :)

Favorite local and not local social media accounts to follow?

@nytimes, @wildsam, @dueeast, @lovefeste, @thedefineddish, @jenhatmaker, @alisoneroman, @bravoandy

What’s saving you right now (seriously or humorously)?

My incredible group of close friends! I seriously have the greatest friends, and a wonderfully supportive and loving family, and I'm so grateful for that. Plus Bravo tv shows and tequila ;)

What do you love most about iGnite?

I love exercising outdoors, any time of year, and the leaders and women who participate are so encouraging, kind and enjoyable to be around. The workouts are challenging and always different, and I like the variety of class options. I benefit from the in-person experience, but am grateful to have the at-home option and library of workouts. I'm really inspired by the range in ages of iGniters - I think that's really cool and makes the experience more fun.

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