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Mastering Your Mind: Embrace the Journey

Point to Ponder: Do you question if you have everything you need for your lifelong journey?

This time of year is magical! Temperatures are slowly dropping, leaves will soon change colors, and Monarch butterflies are migrating to Mexico! If you spend any time outside, it won't take long for you to see them whimsically flying around, and if you're lucky, they'll stop in your yard for some nectar (fuel for their journey). As they fly, watch closely. They don't flap their wings for the entirety of their flight. They flap a little, and then they let go and let the wind move them. Then they flap more, let go, and let the wind take them again. They appear so joyful, free and without a worry in the world. Once the monarchs set their sights on migrating to Mexico, they trust their instincts, trust Mother Nature to blow her wind in the right direction, and then they enjoy the a place they've never been! (last year's Monarchs are no longer living and this is a new generation making the migration).

The Monarch butterfly's grace, strength, playful nature, beauty, and love of the journey is why they are our perfectly chosen mascot. She shows us how to work hard while enjoying life. She shows us how to let go and trust. She is a great teacher that demonstrates the powerful combination of using her wings and being carried by the wind to overcome challenges and ultimately reach her desired destination.

As we continue to determine ways to master our minds, I encourage you to look no further than the Monarch butterfly. Simply witnessing the miracle she symbolizes (an insect who weighs .5 grams yet has the ability to travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to a place she’s never been) should give us all a mindset of peace, hope and confidence. Like the Monarch, we are given what we need to make our journey but we have to combine our efforts along with an incredible trust to let go and embrace the joyous experience in order to ultimately reach our ultimate destination.

Action Item: Spend time outside and watch the Monarch butterflies. Focus on their beauty, grace, strength and faith, and know that like them, you too, have everything you need for your journey.


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