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Master Your Mind: Stop Comparing and Focus Only on What You've Been Given

Point to Ponder: How often compare your talents, your life, your body, your career, your 'everything' to others?

We've all heard the quote by Teddy Roosevelt: "Comparison is the thief of joy"...and nothing could be more true. Comparison not only steals our joy but will single-handedly derail and sabotage our life. Comparison damages marriages, families, careers, relationships with our children, our health, confidence and our uniqueness, but the good news is there is an antidote and that's contentment, which begins with a thankful heart. Comparison causes us to turn inward and to focus on what we don't have, whereas thankfulness causes us to focus outward and focus on what we do have.

Because comparison is a trap that prevents us from running our own race and living our best life, I encourage you to participate on social media with a purpose, as well as to cautiously participate. For example, rather than randomly pop-on and start scrolling without a purpose (which for me always leads to comparison and judging others) now I only go on with a purpose to find something I need (like an exercise, quote or recipe). If I scroll past a post and feel myself becoming envious (because of comparison) or judging that person, I make myself add a positive comment. With comparison being a subconscious result of time spent on social media, I find these practices are a great way to navigate through those challenges and my heart and mind feel good and healthy.

I wish comparison was as simple as growing out of it, but we know that's just not the case. Comparison is a matter of the heart and mind and can be defeated with a mindset of thankfulness. When we wake up every day and make the conscious decision to focus on how God has gifted us, then, we can run our best race...and when we experience the low times and can't see our own uniqueness, that's spouse, girlfriend, mentor time! This is when look them in the eye and point-blank ask: "What do you see in me?", "How am I unique?", "What are my talents?" ,"How do you think I can run my race more authentically?" They'll get you back to running your very best race.

Remember, you are uniquely and wonderfully made. There may be people who share a few of your skills, but there's no one just like you...right down to your fingerprint.

Action Item: Wake up every day and make the conscious decision to focus on how God has gifted you.



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