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Look All Around! Strength is on Display

Gardening has become my hobby. I do not have a green thumb, as plenty of what I plant dies, but I get extreme joy in planting something teeny, and watching it grow into something spectacular. I find the whole process miraculous, inspiring, and educational.

For example, the picture above (and to the left) shows what my pansies looked like two weeks ago. I planted them in early November and they have never looked good. I was so frustrated that I told my neighbor, who also gardens, "I'm DONE with pansies, forever!" They always disappoint, never bloom in the winter, and they're a waste of money. She encouraged me to not give up on them, but to instead give them some TLC: cut off the brown/dead leaves, give them water, a little fertilizer and let the springtime temperatures and sun do the rest. I'm happy to announce she was exactly right and my pansies are popping (see pic on the right)!

As for what I've learned, I'm reminded that God speaks to us through nature. In the case of my pansies, I am reminded of our dreams or relationships....and why it's important to not give up on them. While sometimes, the dream may seem dead or the relationship gone, it's possible it is just not the right season or it's possible they need sunshine/water/fertilizer, aka, a little nourishment, by way of time, attention and encouragement, like my pansies that appeared dead but are now fully alive.

In addition, if my delicate pansies can be covered in inches of snow and ice, and be beaten up by the Oklahoma wind (as they were and continue to be) and yet, still stand tall, and bloom their bright colors, then I too am strong enough to withstand the whippings that often come in life... and still bloom. And, you are too!

This is the miracle that surrounds us. Strength is on display, so be sure to slow down, look up, around, and witness it all. This season is here for our pleasure and enjoyment, and most importantly, it is here to teach, inspire, encourage, give us hope and nourish our souls.



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