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Living Your life for Now, Later is Too Late | Weekly Journal

Recently I watched a thrilling documentary on Netflix called Magnetic.  It tells the story of seven extreme athletes as they surf, ski and sail across the most beautiful and intense landscapes in the world.  Whether you're an adrenalin junkie or someone who has an affinity for Mother Nature and inspiration, this is your kind of show!

As I watched in awe, one of the athletes said:

"We're living our lives for now.  Later will be too late."

Pause, rewind.  I played it again so I could listen again. He indeed said, "We're living our lives for now. Later will be too late."  Yes!  That's some serious good stuff!  So my question to you (and me) is, what does your NOW look like? Are you living or surviving?  Are you smiling, laughing, loving, pursuing, engaging, learning, moving, and embracing those you love NOW? Or are you waiting for later?

Living NOW is a mindset, and it's all choice. Later is never guaranteed. NOW is the only guarantee we have, so my encouragement is to identify where and how you need to start living more and begin NOW....and be sure to read our inspiring and courageous Member Spotlight from earlier this week highlighting the unbelievable story of Austin member Cristen Daniel.  It will  put NOW into immediate perspective.   Love, Neissa

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