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Kelly Clarkson, Chris Stapleton & the Boldness Regret

A few months back I listened to an interview with Kelly Clarkson. It was before Christmas and she discussed her newest Christmas duet with Chris Stapleton, called Glow. In the event you need a reminder who Kelly Clarkson is and all of her musical accolades, I encourage you to click here to check them out. The list is way too long for me to include, but let’s just say she has one of the top female vocals of all time.

While listening to the interview I was dumbfounded when she said this: “Over time, I’ve wanted to perform duets with many artists but because I’ve been turned down so many times I was scared to ask Chris if he’d sing a duet with me. I was afraid he’d say no.”

Wait, WHAT?!?! Kelly Clarkson has been turned down? Who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to sing with her? In my mind, that is bananas, bonkers, crazy!,...but what's crazier is that as successful as she is, she still gets turned down and she is still afraid of rejection.

How awesome is it that she shared her vulnerability, and how inspiring is it that despite fear of rejection she stepped up and boldly asked Chris Stapleton to join her in a duet? Furthermore, because of her boldness and willingness to not fall victim to the boldness regret (the chances we don't take) she now has a beautiful duet with Chris Stapleton..and I can imagine there will be more.

So, how about you? What have you been putting off because of fear or rejection or failure? Like Kelly Clarkson, I encourage you to be bold, step up, do it afraid, go for it and take the chance! You are made for greatness and you can do this!



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