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It's the First Week of January so Right Now, Focus on These 5 Things

Point to Ponder: Are you feeling overwhelmed with the start of the year..and already feel like you're behind?

OHHHH....MYYYY....GOODNESSSS! That moment was crazy. I was scared out of my mind..because not only do I not love jumping from high places (okay...I hate it!), but I hate cold water. However, I had to do it! As many of you know, in iGnite Austin, a New Year's Day Polar Plunge has become tradition. Typically we plunge into Barton Springs (68-70 degrees, which is plenty cold!), but this year we decided we didn't want to compete with the Barton crowd (and parking) so instead, we decided to jump off of my dear friend and Austin Leader, Kathleen Parker's boat dock and into Lake Austin (58-60ish degrees). Here's why I couldn't back out and had to jump:

  1. I promoted it

  2. There were friends crazy enough to do it with me

  3. My son, daughter and nephew were excited to take the plunge, and I had to walk my talk, be brave and lead by example.

I want to reiterate: I WAS NOT EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Was it scary and cold? VERY!

Was it as terrible as my mind led me to believe? NOT AT ALL!

Am I glad I did it? ABSOLUTELY!

In addition to needing Durant, Malaine and my nephew Cole see me jump despite my physical and verbal trepidation, what helped most was the spirit, encouragement and "positive peer pressure" from my friends who helped me do that crazy thing, which reminded me:

Regardless of our endeavors, every single one of us need the spirit, encouragement and sometimes positive peer pressure of friends to follow through and do "that thing", which is 99.99999% of the time not even close to as terrible as we thought it would be.

As for 2023, we have big, fun, healthy and awesome plans and we want you joining us in every single one of them, BUT not yet. As much as I'd love to take the momentum and energy from the New Year and say "LET'S GO RIGHT NOW!"...the truth is...we're all still swimming in the wild and wonky waters of re-entry, and biting off more than we can chew is a recipe for unsustainable success and disappointment. Plus, we're only 5 days into 2023. We need to keep the horse(s) before the cart, stay calm and do this the right way. For now, here are the five horses that I recommend you keep before the cart:

  1. Take down decorations, unpack if you’ve been traveling, get your house back in order.

  2. Return any gifts and or mail any gifts that still need to be mailed (that’s me!)

  3. Get good sleep, enjoy clean meals, and stay hydrated

  4. Breathe deeply, stay present and know, you have time

  5. iGnite in person or at home! If you can't make it to an in person or live At Home class yet, take the classes below and/or move your body in some capacity every single day...and if you can get outside, even better!

Happy New Year!



Action Item: Check boxes 1-5 and then we you can begin focusing on all that 2023 has in store!



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