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How to Stay Hydrated with The Best Electrolytes and Water Additives

Updated: Jul 6

Person carrying a white water bottle outdoors

Things are heating up, we're not slowing down and we know you aren't either! But, as the temperatures heat up, it's easier than ever to get dehydrated and develop the painful summertime headaches or just feel low energy. If you're curious how to stay hydrated so you can feel your summer best, look no further! Our team has a few tricks in their water bottles! Read on for our favorite summertime electrolyte and water additives for keeping those electrolytes balanced, body hydrated and energy boosted!

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Stay Hydrated With Our Favorite Electrolyte and Water Additives

photo of orange package of liquid IV

"Liquid IV" tangerine is my fav!"

Photo of Melaleuca Sustain

"Melaleuca Sustain is great!"

More Ways to Stay Hydrated and Cool

Vita Coco Coconut Water

"A splash of coconut water in my regular water!"

Goodonya hydrate

"Goodonya Hydrate- "I like that it's organic"

red and purple banner inviting to view our workouts on youtube

LMNT variety packets

"LMNT packets - so easy to carry with you and so many flavors - even kids like!"

A bunch of lemons

"Lemons, lemons, lemons!"

ultima electrolyte mix

"I get Ultima at Whole Foods. There are a lot of great flavor options!"

A variety of Nuun tablets

"I love the Nuun tablets for electrolytes + caffeine!"

a variety of Drip Drop dehydration relief packets

"Drip drops for all that ails you!"

blue banner saying hydration facts
a list of hydration facts

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