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How to Avoid 2021 From Being a Rebound Relationship

"Every year we say, 'this year is going to be different!' but things will only be different if you feel, think and act in ways and engage in relationships that are in alignment with where you want to go."

- Christine Hassler

Point To Ponder: What you are doing to release the chaos and clear the clutter for 2020?

A few weeks back I encouraged you to start thinking about what you wanted to experience in 2021, write it down and create a vision board. In the process of trying to take my own advice, I found myself stuck and only able to articulate one thought: I'm frustrated and unable to connect with my spirit and hear my thoughts. It was like I had random puzzle pieces swirling around in my head but I couldn't connect them. As I talked this through with Martha Lynn Mangum, iGnite member and my professional coach, she explained that until I cleared the clutter and cleaned my slate (from the previous year), I would be unable to adequately create and be my best in 2021.

My interpretation is: I'm spiritually, emotionally and mentally constipated (sorry to sound so gross but that's how I feel). I'm attempting to run a marathon while dragging a tractor tire, or better yet, I'm attempting to start a new relationship while carrying baggage from the previous one. (We've all been there and know how that turns out--yuck!) Without clearing the clutter and cleaning the slate from 2020, 2021 will simply be my rebound relationship. I have some releasing, disconnecting and re-connecting that must be done and typically, if one of us feels this way, many of us do, which is why we created the Virtual Retreat scheduled for next Saturday, Jan 23rd.

Unfortunately and due to current conditions in California we decided to postpone our ReNew Year Retreat to April and while we are very disappointed, we are thankful to have the opportunity to connect with more of you and provide this much needed cleansing and creating experience.

We understand that committing to a full day of anything is tricky and we could've planned for just the morning or only the afternoon, but the work wouldn't be incomplete. To relate it to exercise, it would be like only working out the upper body. Or, exercising everyday while only eating sugar. It would be insufficient, counterproductive and we wouldn't experience the best possible results. And fear not--while virtual, the day will be filled with fun, exercise, inspiration, motivation and connection--a true iGnite experience!

So, grab a soul sister or two or three, meet us in the comfort of your home and let's get to cleansing and creating your best and most amazing year yet: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Action Item:

Join us this Saturday, Jan 23 for a virtual retreat that will allow us to clear the clutter, clean the slate and create our best and most healthy year yet!


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