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Hot Cross Buns Easter Recipe

You’ve heard the song, but have you experienced this delicious Good Friday tradition and the history behind them?

Buns with crosses have been baked long before they came to mark Good Friday. Before Christianity, the cross was said to symbolize the four seasons or phases of the moon. But in the 12th century, an Anglican monk baked and distributed Hot Cross Buns to the poor on Good Friday as a way to mark the end of the Lenten Season. This use of the sweet bread caught on.

Over the centuries, raisins have been added to symbolize the body of Christ in the tomb, spices were included; much like those used to anoint Jesus, and sometimes orange peel; to represent his bitterness on the cross. The icing of the cross on top marks the sweet joy of the resurrection.

Nowadays, you can find Hot Cross Buns of all sorts of flavors in many grocery stores to share with family and friends. Or you can bake them yourself and start your own Good Friday tradition.

We used the following recipe from and love it! Click HERE for the recipe, thank you Recipetineats and Happy Easter!

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