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Get Ready to Find Out Our Favorites: Workout Tops and Sports Bras!

There's such an amazingly wide variety of tops and sports bras out there these days that it can be both delightful and daunting. Who better to ask for direction than the women who spend their days decked out for working out? Without further ado, we give you our team's favorite workout tops and sports bras.


We all want the same things in our workout tops - cool, cute, comfortable and functional! Nobody wants their top riding up in down dog and nobody wants weird seams chaffing while lifting weights. Our team had a few stand outs that meet our very strict criteria.

"I like the cropped length, high neck, and loose fit!"

"I love these because they fit me well and hold up well in the wash."

"These are my favorite tops, I feel like their sizes are better for busty mommas."

"I think I have 15 of them? They are SEAMLESS! No itch and they stay put when doing Burpees!!!"

"Great fit, come in nummy colors and I like the grip on the bottom. Top stays in place even when I go upside down!"

"So many cute styles and colors!"

All of my iGnite t's of course!

"I'm loving comfort of this soft, racerback cropped top. It not too short and not too long and with it getting warmer, I like how it breaths and doesn't stick to me. I also like the price tag. It's difficult to justify spending $50 on a crop top to workout in--hence, why I love the Bella Canvas one!"


Ah sports bras, we love to hate them, but oh-how-we-need them. Is it comfortable? Is it supportive? Is it easy (as these things can be) to get it on and off? Does it work for running, sculpting, dancing, HIIT-ing, and then for wearing around the rest of the day? Cause if the girls aren't happy...

"I have a love hate relationship with sports bras because they are necessary but they are like straight jackets trying to get them on and off but I’d say that this my favorite."

"Old Athleta one... soft and cute. :-)"

"I HATE the pads you have to take out of others, and these are really cute too!"

"Every other bra is way too tight on me and this just fits right and doesn’t squeeze me at all."

Nice compression without squishing to keep everything in place

"From the underwear section (not the active wear section) - super comfy and $5-8!"

"Best bra ever for working out, wearing all day and I can even water ski in it! Good support, too, if the "girls" are on the smaller size"


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