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Get Ready to Find Out Our Favorites: Workout Shoes & Socks!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

We're moving on to favorite workout gear and it only makes sense to start from the ground up with the team's picks for best workout shoes and socks! Oh what a difference the right pair of either of these can make to the success and comfort of whatever you're doing - sculpting, dancing, HIIT-ing, running - if your feet aren't happy, neither is the rest of you. Ready? Let's kick it ;)


Well there were definitely some strong opinions in the shoe department! Understandable - shoes can make or break a great workout experience! But we have a lot of favorites here to try on for size. Also important to note - if you're working out 3 or more days a week, you should probably be changing your shoes every 5 or 6 months! Let's keep those feet happy!

These are the Birkenstocks of running shoes - I go through 3-4 pairs a year!"

"I love love love them for all my workouts and have several pairs!"

"Very comfortable and supportive; I switch them out every 6 months!"


"I love the style choices and they give me the support I need. They also hold up well."

Nike and ASICS.

"I like both of these. Because I have a neutral foot, I get whichever ones are being offered at the time for a neutral foot. Also these are the cutest and cute counts!"

"They have great cushion, but aren't so thick you trip. fun colors too. That reminds me I need to get new ones...

"They are like little socks, but are GREAT for workouts, especially in the Summer. NO SOCKS NEEDED

"Hokas have THE BEST cushioning. I get new ones every 4-5 months."

"I have very high arches and my feet have been happy for years in the Mizuno Wave Riders. This is a running shoe and though I know longer run, I do everything in them. I love them!"


Socks. The underwear of feet. You know you need to have them in most instances, but it's just not the thing we get most excited about. However, socks that don't slip, that are neither too thick or too thin, and that protect your feet in the shoes that need them, are invaluable!

Swift Wick low rise running socks

"I like a very thin sock."

"Socks are socks are socks - focus on the shoes."

"These are my favorites, short - not too thick"

"I love these because they have L and R which hug and fit my feet the best plus they come in different weights."

"They fit just the right amount of tight but not squeezing my feet to death. I hate wearing socks at home, but if my feet are cold, I can handle wearing these."

Sports Footies

"I like these because they aren’t too think or too thin they're just right!"

"These socks are awesome! They aren't too thick or thing, don't slip, slide, stick out of my shoes in a funky way and don't make my feet sweat. I love them!" "Honestly, I usually don't wear socks except in the winter, but when I do, these are my favorites!"

"They are indeed, the"


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