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Get Ready to Find Out Our Favorites: Coverups, Sunglasses & Hats

It's officially Spring - Hooray! That means sunny skies, brighter mornings and more outside time! To get us all geared up, we want to share some of our team's very favorite warm weather essentials! Each week will focus on something or some related somethings that we love so much we need you to know too!

We love the responses we got to our Favorite Sunscreen Post so we're continuing on with Sunglasses, Hats & Coverups! We polled our team and this is what they had to say.


Well this category had a hands down winner in Goodr - an awesomely versatile and durable brand that's great everywhere! In fact, one leader has 7 different colors and styles. We love them because they protect the eyes, come in all kinds of fun colors and they're not expensive. They also have a version that's great for running!

Other favorites included:

  1. Chanel classic!

  2. Warby Parker and Ray Bans - either Aviator or tortoise shell!

  3. Ray Ban Aviators in aqua blue!


Well now this one got a lot of different answers from our different team leaders and really, hats are a matter of preference, need, and what looks good on you. We might humbly think there's nothing better than a good trucker hat ... Like our favorite iGnite trucker Hat in the picture! Blue and Gray hats are available for purchase HERE

Other favorites included:

  1. Cotton Canvas "Magic Hat" by the Hatters!

  2. Sunshades brand with strap and ponytail hole!! Great for the boat!


This was an interesting one with a WIDE range of answers from our team which has an equally wide range of personalities. We did love the

recommendation of the Cody Sun Dress from Carve Designs for the long sleeves and sun protection in a flattering and super cute dress - that also happens to come in lots of colors and patterns. Other favorite is:

Athleta Pacifica Rash Guard--it is on the boat at all times!


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