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FREE Goal Setting Workbook: The Roadmap to Unleashing Your Dreams

Updated: Jan 5

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Why is goal setting essential to your progress and helping you feel that you’re living a life worth remembering? Setting and revising our goals forces us to bring our ultimate desires to the forefront, and then set an action plan to bring our dream life into reality. Without this step, we become lost in the daily shuffle. The only way to make change and progress towards our ideal existence is to set meaningful goals that align with our key values. Plus, you are 42% more likely to achieve what you want when you create it (like a vision board) or write it down! Let's DO This! Click HERE for your free workbook and scroll below.

When Writing Down Your Goals, Do This

  1. The goal is clear and precise

  2. Progress towards the goal can be measured

  3. The goal can realistically be met

  4. The goal has purpose. It needs to push you closer towards the person you wish to be.

  5. There is a time stamp or due date to complete the goal.

Goal Setting: Use The SMART Goal Method

Using the SMART method you will be able write goals that meet all of these criteria, and push you towards living your best life. efore you start writing your goals, let’s first reflect on the past year or the past quarter. Reflection helps bring to light what is working and where our efforts are falling short.

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Step 1: Reflect and Awaken

Answer the following questions honestly, don’t hold back! If you don’t want anyone to see your answers, don’t share them. But, your truth will help guide you towards setting goals that will improve your life and help your reach your maximum potential.

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Step 2: Your Goals

Use the SMART method to write out each goal. Set 3-5 goals for the next year or quarter.

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Step 3: Your Goal Setting Action Plan. Begin Making Progress

Based on the goals you have set, the habits you have identified, and the obstacles you expect to arise, create a daily and weekly action plan. Progress is often slow. But when we are consistent with our actions, the actions that will produce the desired outcomes, the small achievements turn into big success.

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Step 4: Set Yourself Up for Goal Setting Success

The last step is to go to your yearly planner or calendar and write down when you will take the time to reflect on these goals. Pick one day each week for a goals recap session. On this day, look back at this work book and track your progress towards the goals you have set. If you are not performing your action plan, identify why, and revise your plan. Attention and reflection on this plan each week is needed to keep you on track.

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  • Goals provide a clear direction and purpose, helping you focus your efforts on what truly matters.

  • Goals assist in prioritizing tasks, allowing you to allocate time and resources efficiently.

  • Goals create a sense of purpose, motivating you to take consistent actions to achieve them.

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