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Fall Is An Awesome Time to....

Like a flip of a switch, fall has arrived. Like all seasons, fall comes with her own set of unique opportunities and magic. We get to enjoy her in other awesome ways than we do summer, spring and winter. While fall is most definitely an awesome season to get grounded in a routine and start a fitness challenge (like our Back to Awesome Class Challenge), fall is also an awesome time to:

  1. Get your hands dirty and plant perennials (like Tulip bulbs in the ground or in a pot)

  2. Go apple picking

  3. Ride your bike (in the middle of the day-wahoo!)

  4. Work, eat and spend all day outside

  5. Plant a tree

  6. Take a foliage sightseeing trip

  7. Go to a pumpkin patch

  8. Hike

  9. Enjoy multiple walks throughout the day

  10. Turn off your AC and open your windows (in your car and house)

  11. Sleep with your windows open

  12. Let things go (per the quote: "The leaves are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go.")

There will be more to come on the important topic of 'letting things go', but until then:

  • Fully immerse yourself in the fall season

  • Make plans to participate in and enjoy the many things that are unique to fall and make fall so magical

  • If you have fall traditions or when you participate in something that is specific to fall, please share with us. On Monday we'll start a post on our Member-Only Facebook Page so we can be inspired by and steal your fall favorite activities.


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