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Fall 2021: 'Back to Awesome' Challenge

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We know you're already awesome, but what makes you feel awesome is moving you and your fitness routine to

the top of your priority list, seeing friends, being encouraged, inspired and empowered by our awesome community of women. So, we invite you to join the...

Back to Awesome Challenge: 30 classes in 9 weeks

  • September 20 - November 21 (just in time for feeling awesome for the holidays)

  • 3 Class Modes Available:

  1. In-person Classes

  2. Live At-Home Classes

  3. Video library- Max number of library classes that can be used for challenge is 10

  • Prizes for every finisher: Our 15th Birthday shirt: 'AWESOME since 2006' tank or tee (see below)

  • We're More Awesome Together! Invite friends from everywhere to join you. Refer a friend and receive $20 iGnite credit!

To join the Challenge email us at with: "I AM AWESOME!"

See Printable Tracking Sheets Below:

I am AWESOME! Sept Tracking Sheet
Download PDF • 254KB
I am AWESOME! Oct Tracking Sheet
Download PDF • 254KB
I am AWESOME! Nov Trackng Sheet
Download PDF • 139KB


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