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Celebrating 14 Years of the Power of We!

The month of October is our birthday month.  In fact our actual birth date is Oct 2, 2006. Within the first 6 months of starting iGnite (in Austin and on Lake Austin a.k.a Lady Bird Lake), I hired a business coach. We met weekly and she helped me establish my mission, vision, strengths, opportunities, set goals and develop a growth plan. In doing so, one day she asked me to define the characteristics of my team. I was taken aback because at the time I never thought of having a team to help me execute my vision for iGnite.  My words to her were: "I am not interested in having a team because I can't imagine anyone caring for our members and our mission/vision the way I do". She nodded her head and then challenged me with this: "You have some pretty lofty personal and professional goals. They are among having a strong and healthy marriage, having children/being a mom and impacting the lives of a lot of women. Therefore, my recommendation is for you to consider building a team so you have the best opportunity to be your best, and have your dreams come true--both personally and professionally.  You don't have to find these team members today, but let's start the process by identifying their characteristics and see what happens." She certainly knew what I didn't, which was how powerful intentional actions are, especially when writing them on paper.  As for needing a team, she was exactly right. There is NO WAY we'd be celebrating our 14th birthday without our passionate, talented and awesome team.  In addition, while I am far from perfect, I am definitely a better wife and mom because of both our team and you: our community. Not only do I get to be the beneficiary of your wife, mom, life, woman wisdom but I know I could call on any one of you and get the love, support and guidance I need. I am grateful for you!  The phrase "Power of We" is catchy, but we use it because in iGnite, it's real. We experience it every day in our classes, during hard times or simply when needing some guidance/advice. In fact, the latest feedback we've received from members participating in the Unstoppable Challenge is how much harder it is to take a class from the Video Library. This is not because the class is harder, rather it's because it is being done alone.  The Unstoppable Challenge example has been one of my favorite Power of We realizations. The Power of We that exists in our community is my favorite thing about iGnite. I love that we get to exercise together, pandemic together, 2020 together, try new things together, laugh together, encourage together, support together, travel together, adventure together, retreat together, do life together and celebrate together. iGnite, life and we are ALL better together...that's the Power of We! Love, Neissa

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