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"Better" Produces More Best Life Moments

The goal of "living your best life" is a tall order. We all know life comes with an ongoing combination of highs and lows, making it impossible to "live your best life" every single day. In fact, this goal and expectation is likely a bit overwhelming. However, what's not overwhelming and is practical, easily achievable and produces a life filled with more "best life moments" is the idea of: better.

The definition of better is:

  • improved

  • higher quality

  • to increase the good

  • greater in excellence/in a more excellent way

The idea of "better" has come up twice in the past few months, with the most recent being from our San Diego Member Spotlight, Jacolien Kirsten. In her spotlight, Jacolien said, "striving to be better shifts the focus from victory to mastery. You're competing with your past self and raising the bar for your future self." That's good stuff!

In the spirit of Lent and having a life filled with more best life moments, I encourage you to consider a few things you can do better; ways you can live better and how you can be better aligned with living your best life. I don't recommend going crazy and creating a long list, rather, keep it simple and maybe break it down into categories, such as: relationships, finances, environment/your spaces, career/passion/purpose, play/recreation/hobby, body, mind, spirit. Then ask yourself, what is one thing I can do better in each of these categories that will allow me to live better, be better and have a life filled with more best life moments.



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