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7 Best Workout Shorts and Leggings for Women

women in workout short and leggings

Well we've covered the top half, let's get to the rest! Some love shorts no matter the temperature, likewise some are all leggings all the time. Regardless, this is the first time that our team has been so closely aligned on favorites and we're delivering the best workout leggings and shorts for women. Let's get to the bottom of why.


The big difference in choices in workout shorts are length and height of waistband. Such a matter of preference! You do you and your body! What we did all love was the quality, the comfort and the colors of each of these brands.

woman in colorful Lululemon workout shorts

"They're lightweight, have a lining and are SO comfortable and come in great colors!"

"I love this style because it isn't too wide for my legs."

"These shorts are the best!"

woman in black Vuori workout shorts

"I like the low rise cut!"

"So many cute styles and colors!"

woman in blue Athleta workout shorts

"These have a great fit with wider waistband, just enough coverage, not too tight, fun, stylish and come in great colors and prints!"

"I love these specifically for the length."

woman in orange workout short tights

"I never ever thought I'd wear 'bike shorts' again, but on a warmer day when I lead a sculpt or stretching class, The Transcend Shorts

are perfect and oh so comfortable.


It seems that the most important thing in the advancement of leggings is the addition of the pockets for phone and keys. And also the ability to keep everything in place with soft fabric that makes for all-day wearability! Clearly you can't go wrong with any of these choices!

woman in Lululemon light blue workout tights

"They are SO soft and I can wear them all day! They have great compression and make the booty look GOOD!"

"My go-to...comfortable, form-fitting and pulls everything in!"

"These are quality and they last."

"Lulu leggings hold up the best in my opinion - important when you're wearing them all the time!"

*Yep! Also available with pockets!

woman in Athleta maroon workout tights with side pocket

"The material - Powervita - is simply the softest, most buttery fabric that makes me want to live in it all day!"

"I love the pocket for my phone!"

"I wear either Lululemon or Athleta, but they have to have a pocket for my phone!"

"Athleta or Lululemon because they don’t thin out and become see through when you bend over!"

woman with red Free People Workout tights

"Comfortable yet supportive, flattering high waist, thick, breathable fabric, and Free Movement look great on."

"Free Movement leggings are so soft and lightweight. However, my absolute favorite thing about them is that they STAY UP while working out."


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