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10 of Our Favorite Swimsuits & Flip Flops

Updated: May 5, 2023

smiling woman sitting on beach wearing hat

It's officially Spring - Hooray! That means sunny skies, brighter mornings and more outside time! To get us all geared up, we want to share some of our team's very favorite warm weather essentials! Each week will focus on something or some related somethings that we love so much we need you to know too!

Clearly we can't possibly talk about spring and summer favorites without talking about swimsuits and flip flops. Every single person on our team gave a different answer for each of these which means we have all the more favorites for you to explore! Let's dive in!


So many options, so many different body types, so many reasons why these brands and suits were the favorites! Let's get to it.

wwoman wearing red swimsuit

Sea Level

"I love this one - it has good compression for tummy control, ruching around the tummy area and flattering bra line with padded cups!"

Woman wearing a turquoise swimsuit

"This one is great on the wallet, has the ruching through the tummy and a fun neck line. I have a long torso and this one and the Sea Level one both work for me! Good for playing with the kids at the pool and beach or even the water park!"

woman wearing blue swimsuit

"I love a one piece for coverage!"

woman wearing black flowery bikini

"These two-piece bikini-style swimsuits from Seafolly fit my body the best! I'm long-waisted and have an “athletic” booty, and ironically, one-piece “athletic” suites “ride-up” and are very uncomfortable for me - so I’m a bikini-girl!"

woman wearing black swimsuit

"I got Seafolly from Austin Fit Magazine for doing the swimsuit edition cover a few years back!! I love it!! It covers but has a “peeky” side view and looks great from the behind!"

woman wearing pink orange and yellow bikini

"I like the Becca Bikinis and the tankinis. Best designs, they're well made AND flattering!"

athletic woman wearing blue bikini

"They’re great for swimming, water sports and supping!

I LOVE the Lehua bikini bottom… just the right amount of coverage.

woman wearing bikini

"I love their bikinis, they are super soft and comfortable and all mix and match!"

woman wearing polkadot swimsuit with ruffles

"Both The Ruffle Oasis and The Ruched Sidestroke are very flattering swimsuits, comfortable, holds everything in, and you can play with your kids in the pool without worrying about anything falling out...

I plan to purchase another style this summer!"

Other favorites brands include:

woman wearing orange bikini

For those of us who are smaller up top, we love the Love the Longline Plunge Bikini Top from Athleta! It's flattering, comfortable and feminine and athletic!


Just like bodies, we've all got unique feet and unique feet needs and wants! Our team offered up a great assortment of flip flops from fancy to completely casual, high end to low and all levels of arch support in between! In the market? Let's walk through the options!

green flip flops

"Love the beach flip flop for classic, beach to dinner ease!"

light pink slides

"These are really comfortable, so much so that I have 3 pair!"

tan flip flops

"Got these from Whole Earth Provision Co years ago and they're still kicking!"

woman walking on the beach with tan flip flops

"If you need arch support in your flip flops, you need Archies! These are just the most comfortable ever!"

pink flip flops

"Straight up the most patterns/styles/colors of old school durable flip flops ever, period."

pink and black flip flops

"Their lightweight flip flops come in the cutest fabric prints!"

pink arch support flip flops

"I mean the name pretty much says comfort right there!"

cushiony orange flip flops

"Comfortable, feels like I'm

walking on clouds and cheap."

black cushiony slides

"No so cute, but really really comfortable. Cloud cushiony and cheap!"


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