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Behind the Scenes...and oh the Equipment

When you drop into an iGnite class, equipment is laid out, the white board is written, an array or weights are available, the music is ready to go, and so is your iGnite leader! BUT! What you don’t see is all that happens behind the scenes…

The early morning writing of the board with coffee at hand, the checking of signups to make sure the class works for the number of members coming, the loading of weights, ropes, bosu, bands, medicine balls, kettlebells and on and on, the unloading of all that equipment, the arranging of equipment (so much equipment!), THE CLASS!, then the reloading of the equipment, car, travel and unloading. Whew! Is it a lot? Yes! Do we love it anyway? Absolutely YES! Because we’re totally passionate about this incredible, fun, unfettered, and enthusiastic community we’ve built together! And because we like to keep it real :)

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