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Are you a Disappointment Magnifier or a Blessing Magnifier?

Point to Ponder:

Which box do your actions and words best fit in: the blessing magnifier box or disappointment magnifier box?

I came across this quote (in the picture above) by the late John Wooden and thought it was simple, yet profound and so true. John Wooden coached the UCLA Men's Basketball team from 1948 - 1975, winning 10 national championships. One of the characteristics that made him so successful was his big-picture fatherly wisdom he shared with his players. They loved him! Like his quote, he coached simple. In fact, his philosophy was that basketball is a simple game, so why make it complicated? He said: “I think the coach's job is to prepare players to play and then let them do it. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." If you "googled" his name, you'd find countless quotes of his --almost like poetry.

With happiness being a universal goal, and it feeling almost slippery at times (especially when encountering normal life upsets, disappointments and frustrations), as well as knowing that our words create our reality, I thought his quote would be a perfect opportunity to take into June and the whole summer!

It's not that venting or expressing our challenges and disappointments is bad,(because it needs to come out!) rather, what I feel is most important is our expression of gratitude for all of our blessings outweigh the verbal complaints. What if happiness was as simple as magnifying blessings more than disappointments? I think it is!

And so, to get the blessing ball rolling into our best summer ever, several of our team members has shared their blessings (rather than frustrations) from the past two and a half months, which are below. For me, the past few months have allowed us, my family, to enjoy more time together. Late night movies, the kids sleeping in and us spending more down time together has been a blessing. Professionally, in order to sustain iGnite and continue to provide you all (our amazing community with iGnite class offerings) I had to learn a different way of offering the class experience, which was online. While my brain was on the verge of exploding many times, we did it--whew! and the blessing is we now have another platform to share iGnite! Personally and professionally, my faith has been strengthened, as yet again, God has proven He provides and always makes a way.

Enjoy the magnified blessings below and here's to our best summer ever!



Action Item

What disappointments do you need to drop, and what blessings do you need to begin magnifying?


Gracious God, Thank you for all of the blessings that you have brought us throughout the past three months. We know you know our hearts intimately, and you are aware of the disappointments, but instead of us magnifying the disappointments, I pray that you would transform our hearts and minds so we can release our disappointments to you, discipline our thoughts and words and have a renewed and grateful spirit--magnifying our blessings and being a blessing to others. Amen

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