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A Fresh Start and New Beginning! Can You Feel It?

To Last week, while sitting with Malaine (my 2nd grade daughter) during her Google Classroom virtual learning with teacher, classmates and some other parents, we overheard a mom (who didn't realize her computer wasn't muted) LIGHT INTO HER CHILD. In the midst of getting on him she said, "Stop playing and stop rubbing your crotch!" True story! She said it...and she said it for ALL of us to clearly hear. As you can imagine, every student and parents eyes bulged, hands went over our mouths and muted giggles followed. While Malaine and I chuckled (and I still crack up thinking about it), my heart broke for the boy and his mom, as there's no doubt the mom was stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. While I didn't yell something embarrassing for everyone to hear, I certainly had my fair share of unpleasant exchanges with my kiddos and I knew exactly how she felt. If there was ever a time for grace, 2020 is the year to give to ourselves and others.

While there were tears throughout the week from both of my children, as virtual learning continued we all got the hang of it. We fell into a good rhythm and routine and finally, there was order and structure in our day. Most importantly, it felt like a form of the fresh start and new beginning we have been craving and desperately need.

"The magic of new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all."

- Josiyah Martin

Excitingly, this Tuesday my kiddos get to attend their regular in person school and we are all happy about that! They prefer it and so do I, but regardless of your schooling/non-schooling circumstance, I know we all need a fresh start and new beginning. And so, with Labor Day marking the end of summer, cooler temperatures on their way, everyone settling into a routine and feeling grounded by the anchoring of order, structure and life rhythm, I encourage you to pause, smile, take a deep breath, enjoy and embrace this fresh start and new beginning that is blowing in. I can feel it! Can you?


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