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A Change You Don't Ever Want to Miss (or take for granted)

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Point to Ponder:

How often do you pause and remember your various and different seasons of life, their significant connection with one another and the impact they've had on your life and how they've shaped you into the person you are today?

This week, while taking a walk through our neighborhood I was struck by the contrast of what still looks to be winter (the brown/seemingly dead grass in the picture) mixed in with the sweet signs of spring (the tulips on the verge of full bloom), and this got me thinking…

I know I’ve written about the seasons before and this isn’t new information for you or me, but yet, I feel compelled to write about it again. Why? Because as a society we move so fast and are so easily distracted that if attention isn’t drawn towards something important and someone doesn’t gently guide our eyes so we can see it, we’ll miss something as spectacular, purposeful and significant as a season, or the transition from one season to another.

What struck me with such significance is how perfectly the actual seasons parallel our life seasons. I believe the actual season are given to us so we can be reminded that each life season has a purpose and that one season never lasts forever--not the cold, quiet and brown of winter, or the warm, fun and free of summer. And like our lives, the hard nor fun lasts forever. Why? Because seasons aren't designed to last forever. They just aren't. Too much of anything is too much and God knows what the human spirit can and can’t endure as well as what we need.

Think about this: As excited as we always are for summer, by the end we’re sick of it and sooo ready for fall. Something we deeply desire and enjoyed becomes old, and very quickly we're craving lattes, sweatshirts, fireplaces and a different scene. Summer always serves it's purpose, we have our fun and then it's time to move on. I do think we could live in spring and fall forever, but we’d become bored of wearing the same fall and spring clothes and we’d admire the foliage and new blooms for a minute and then…ey, we're over it. We’re humans, and like the actual seasons, we need the change and we need the ebb and flow. We might not always like it, but without it we get restless and become stagnant.

To parallel the life seasons: during a hard winter season, which may seem longer because there is less sun, it’s cold, appears barren and feels as though we can't endure another's then, that spring shows her first signs of life—the first burst of color, new growth and possibility, which explodes into summer—the season of freedom! All so perfectly timed.

I’m not sure who needs this encouragement, but I just feel compelled to tell you that your winter season is going to be ending soon. Spring and an eruption of new growth is on the way! How do I know? Because it always comes, however the trick is to pause so we can remember the hard and observe, acknowledge and take-in all of the goodness. Just like the tulip bulbs I planted in October, that only one month ago to date had several inches of snow covering them and were showing no signs of life, have since popped and within two to three weeks they'll showcase their full beauty.

This is our life and the purpose and promise of spring and every season. And, for the person whose experienced the blessing of summer...because life is cyclical and seasons always come, you are fully equipped and have everything you need to get through fall and winter. And then, spring and summer will arrive again and you will be stronger, free from the hard and victorious!

Seasons come and go. Some are longer than others and each season supports the other. With spring arriving my hope and encouragement is we all will take a moment to pause and appreciate the purpose of a winter season and take-in the significance of spring.. and all the promises of possibility it brings.


Action Item

Whether participating in our outdoor classes, taking an outdoor jog/walk or driving in your car, pause to appreciate and remember your winter while also taking in the goodness, beauty and sweetness of spring.


Gracious God, Thank you for winter and thank you for spring. Thank you for making the seasons a perfect parallel to our life and for showing us that out of gray, cold and barren you make light, warmth and life! Help us to always pause and see all the beauty that surrounds us, even during the seasons that seem fruitless. I know your plan is perfect and you make all crooked paths straight and dark days light. Thank you for the hope and beauty of spring. Amen

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