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8 Reasons to Say "YES!" to Our 12th Annual Summer Adventure Escape

Our Summer Adventure Escapes are one of our most favorite things...and our 2022 adventure destination has been announced: Almost Heaven, West Virginia! Yep! You read it correctly. West Virginia is not only named "Almost Heaven", but it's also known as the sunset capital of the world. To convince you of all the reasons why should say "yes!", here are our top 8.

1. OUTDOORS! You get to spend time in a place where being outdoors in the summer is a thing you can actually do!

2. ADVENTURE! Just like camp when you were young, you get to try activities that may not be on your every day rotation!

3. A CHEF! OMG! So after your adventures in the great outdoors, you get to come home to chef-prepared meals? YES!

4. FUN! Consider this "You Camp”, where you get to dust off your inner kiddo and just let loose. Almost heaven indeed!

5. CAMARADERIE Being with other women, doing kick-butt things in nature, laughing and encouraging each other is soul-healing!

6. NO PLANNING OR ADULTING. Neissa, your adventure planner and guide, kindly asks you leave all of your responsible adulting practices at home. There is NO adulting allowed. Say "YES!", show up and have fun!

7. INSPIRATION! Everywhere you look you'll see beauty. You'll return home inspired, grateful and alive!

8. SUNSETS! As we mentioned, West Virginia is named the sunset capital of the world and we can't wait to see the them with our own eyes!

Click HERE to learn more...and say YES!


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