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35-Minute No Impact Core Strength & Stability with Physioball

If you have a physioball rolling around your house (or back yard) and want to put it back to it's original use, take this 35-minute core strength and stability class.

Having a strong and stable core is of immense importance! Some of the benefits are

  1. Injury prevention

  2. Reduction of back pain

  3. Improved lifting mechanics

  4. Balance

  5. Stability

  6. Posture

  7. Improved athletic performance

  8. Improved quality of life!

In 35-minutes, I'll take you through a warm up, followed by 8 core strength & stability exercises. We'll wrap it up with a stretch, which will also be on the ball.

Workout Specifics

  • 4 Circuits

  • 2 exercises per circuit

  • 45 sec exercise sets

  • 15 second rest in between sets

  • 3 rounds per circuit

  • 45 second rest between each circuit

Circuit 1:

*Plank w/alternating leg lift

*Low back extension

Circuit 2:


*Glute Raise

Circuit 3:

*Plank to Tuck

*Straight Leg Lift: Wide Leg/Narrow Leg

Circuit 4:

*Suitcase Crunch

*Straight Leg Bridge

3 minute cool down and stretch

Let's do this, together 🙌🏽


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