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3 Habits to Anchor in the New Year

"Depending on what they are, our habits will either make or break us.

We become what we repeatedly do."

- Sean Covey

Point To Ponder: What habits have you allowed to form that are counterproductive to your health, fitness and overall well-being"

As you are considering the habits that do serve your overall health, fitness and well-being, I'd like for you to consider anchoring 3 habits into the New Year, as they have direct impact on your iGnite experience, your holistic health and fitness and your safety.

1. Commit to Your Class Schedule - As you sit down each week and create your schedule, I encourage you to fully commit yourself to attending your scheduled iGnite classes. While I understand and acknowledge there are unavoidable last minute things that pop up, when avoidable, I encourage you to stay committed to your time, your holistic health and your fitness. This will allow you to feel your best!

2. Arrive on Time - I have to admit, I am so guilty of this! I will cram 15 things into 5 minutes that I have until needing to leave. Not only does this bad habit make me late, but it causes unnecessary and unavoidable stress...and I need to be doing everything I can to avoid stress. With that, when it comes to iGnite classes (In Person or At Home), showing up on time is necessary. Again, we understand last minute things pop up, but when able, we ask that you arrive on time and maybe even a few minutes early. Here's why: Each class is structured so you can receive a proper warm up. The warm up is the most critical part of the class, as it prepares your mind and body for the upcoming exercises, which in turn decreases your risk of injury (especially during the winter months when our bodies are more tight). Showing up late and not receiving the full warm up is like showing up for a test without having studied. You are unable to feel your best and experience the best results. In addition, it's important you hear your Class Leaders full instructions, as this allows for the most seamless, effective and high-quality experience. Finally, as we continue to social distance, arriving on time allows everyone the opportunity to get prepared with their equipment and find their socially distanced spot.

3. Stay Until the End of Class - Just as the warm up is important, the cool down is also critical. Cooling down after your workout allows for a gradual recovery of pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure. It is also the best time to stretch and lengthen your muscles. This helps with soreness too! Ultimately the cool down completes and seals your workout and this is also when your Class Leaders provide you with important iGnite announcements such as events, birthdays and anniversaries and your weekly inspiration and encouragement.

Here's to a year of feeling our best and being our best.

Action Item:

Commit to your schedule, arrive on time and stay until the end of each class :-)


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