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Why We Need to Max Out

Points to Ponder:

What area in your life can benefit from max out efforts, and are you maxing out in an area(s) that doesn't have ROI (doesn't matter or and isn't aligned with what matter most)?

This July, while leading our Adventure Escapes in Whitefish, Montana I had this thought: Am I maxing out in life, and where in my life do I need to put forth max out effort? The genesis of this question came from physically and emotionally maxing out every day on the Escape. We all maxed out (performed at our personal peak) while hiking in the mountains, busting moves on the dance floor, paddling in the raft, dodging lasers during our forest duel and diving into others. While we were completely exhausted every night and would crash the second our heads hit the pillow, our spirits were full in ways that are hard to describe. We’d wake up eager to do it all again.

The interesting thing about maxing out is it builds self-confidence, which bleeds into all areas of our lives. This is why when returning from the Escapes we're on "a high" and feel like there’s nothing we can’t do. When we perform at our personal peak i​​n one area, it’s easier to max out in other areas, and believe it or not, maxing out physically is the easiest way to max out because we are in total control of our ability to max out. (Is that enough "maxing out"?)

This is why we are promoting our Back-to-School Class Blast Challenge. We know it requires you to take a lot of classes for the month of September, but we also know that when you work towards performing at your peak (your max), and when you keep your promise to yourself and do it, there’s a level of satisfaction and accomplishment that has significant power:

1. You believe in yourself and your abilities more

2. You approve of yourself rather than relying on the approval of others.

3. You're more likely to max out in other areas of your life

4. You inspire others to believe in themselves, their abilities and to max out

5. You create a max out ripple effect

So yes, for September, we’re asking you to max out physically in iGnite, but it’s not just so you can win $20 iGnite credit and get a free shirt, it’s because maxing out has ongoing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. It’s about pushing beyond our limits, making promises to ourselves and keeping them, and continuously proving to ourselves that we can do hard things. It’s also to raise greater awareness around where else we need to be maxing out. For me, my marriage, my relationship with God, quality time spent with my kiddos and family/friends in general can always use more max out efforts. I know the results will be increased intimacy.

How about you? In addition to iGnite, what area/areas in your life can benefit from maxing out? What do max out efforts look like and why is it important to you to max out in this area?

Furthermore, what area(s) in your life are you maxing out but don't need to be. In other words, what areas of your life are you spending max out time and energy that doesn't have return on investment and aren't aligned with what matters most?


Action Item

Make a max out physical (iGnite) commitment for the month of September. Even if it's not the suggested class participation, make a commitment to yourself, write it down and keep it! Then, determine one other area in your life that needs your max out effort, and/or an area in your life that no longer needs or deserves your max effort.


Weekly Prayer

Gracious God, I know you created us to do great things and to max out in life. Thank you for creating us with unlimited potential. Help us to pursue life with a fearless and unshakeable spirit. Help us to be bold in ways that create a positive impact in our life and in the lives of others. Help us be Your Light. Amen

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