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Seal Summer With a Kiss

Point to Ponder:

Have you taken a moment to reflect on all of summer's sweet memories?

As I contemplated writing about an important and relevant topic for this week, the one that stood out was: sealing all of Summer's sweetness with a kiss by giving her the gratitude, high-five and respect she deserves--before, of course, slamming the door in her face and opening the door of fall.

For most of us, I feel like there are two common end of summer sentiments: If living in Texas, Oklahoma or most place in the US, it's HOT and humid. We sweat when just walking to our cars and with the exception of iGniting outdoors, going to the pool or lake, we live in manufactured air conditioned air--yuck! We go from extreme cold inside to hot, muggy and sweaty outside and we long for the first cool front, football season and the day we can turn off the AC and open some windows. Or, if you live in San Diego, the West Coast, mountain towns or way up North, the weather is fabulous but your kids are running circles around you and need them to go back to school. Either scenario, the majority of us are chomping at the bits for fall, but there's a right way to do this:

Ultimately, the act of graciously closing one door (or season) so we can intentionally walk into another with an open mind, a blank canvas, excitement, and gratitude are the key components to successfully transitioning from one abundant season to another. This isn't to say the entire season was celebration- worthy, rather it's the idea of pausing to acknowledge, say "thank you" and celebrate the sweetness that you experienced, goals accomplished and growth that occurred. It's as simple as scrolling through your summer pictures and looking through your day planner. From my personal experience, I really do believe you'll be amazed by all of the celebration-worthy, smile-worthy and gratitude-worthy moments that took place in June, July, and, August.... that maybe you've already forgotten. My-oh-my what a short memory I have, and as often as I'd like to toss my iPhone and day-planner into the garbage disposal, I am so grateful for all of the celebratory moments and fun memories they hold. And to top it off, in the midst of traveling with his disciples to spread the Word and save the world (a pretty hefty mission), Jesus stopped at a wedding to celebrate...and turn water into wine. Celebrate! The example has been set.

Below are celebratory summer memories from some of our Austin and San Diego Team Members. We hope you enjoy and take time to celebrate too!

Amy Younkman, Austin Class Leader- I always hate to say goodbye to summer because I LOVE it! I play more in the summer and I'm grateful for laid back, long sunny days with more time spent outside swimming, cycling, hiking and seeking new adventures. I am grateful for family vacay, more time with friends, and enjoying earth's bounty of fresh foods, beautiful flowers, magical sunrises and warming sunsets.

Carissa Seaton, San Diego Class Leader- I am celebrating amazing family time this summer. Laughing and connection with and between my 3 kiddos and super fun trips and memories made.

Crystal Tidmore, Austin Events and Community Outreach Leader- I am grateful for the special family time we had this summer before our son went off to college. Seeing him so grown up and ready for his next adventure made me proud to be a mom. I’ve witnessed such a transformation in my kids and even myself over the last few years.

Heather Rogers, San Diego Class Leader- This summer was full of celebrations! My family just recently moved and we are so very grateful to have found our forever home. We celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday and our son’s 5th birthday. We are so grateful for the love and support of our family and friends during our move (and all of the time honestly). I feel so fortunate that we were able to travel and visit with loved ones and make some amazing memories. In regards to iGnite, the group of ladies that is iGnite is my life line. I am eternally grateful that I am a part of this team and surrounded by members that are some of the most amazing ladies I know.

Michelle Tremblay, San Diego Member Services- Summer is a season to break rules and indulge and I loved and celebrated the fact that my kids got to live their best life - full of treats, playdates, late nights and parties. I acknowledged that summer allowed us to slow down a bit and be free of burdening school and sport schedules. I’m grateful for all the precious family time we got to spend together and for the time to reboot and rejuvenate before the new school year.

Neissa Springmann, iGnite Founder- We packed in a full and fun summer that I am very grateful for and celebrate! I celebrate that we didn't have to endure the stress of a cross-country move (as we did the past 2 out of 4 summers). We were able to be where we are. I was able to attend our LBJ Girlfriend weekend and kick-off the summer with so many iGnite friends. Our days stayed full with camps and neighborhood kids flowing in and out of our house. Four mornings of the week myself and several women in our neighborhood worked out in my garage. This gave me the opportunity to share my passion, develop relationships and experience the much-needed Power of We. We live across the street from our neighborhood pool so there was plenty of pool time. We spent a week with friends in San Diego, a week with friends and family in Austin, I had the fortunate experience of leading two of our super fun Adventure Escapes in Whitefish Montana and take-in the splendor of Glacier National Park. Then we vacationed in Chicago and Wisconsin where we had our first family vacation in 7 years and were able to attend a Cubs game and spend time with Russell's family. Russell and I also celebrated our 15 wedding anniversary-wahoo! After being gone for the majority of July and the first of August, upon finally arriving in Tulsa I felt an extreme sense of gratitude for where we are in our life. This time last year I was leaving dear friends, the life I loved in San Diego and had the daunting task of starting over in a new city. I was angry, but today I celebrate our sweet life and friendships that have developed in Tulsa.

Paula Harnish, Austin Class Leader - I have had the best summer ever, hiking and dipping in the greenbelt when my time allows with my best friend. My boyfriend and I have grown in leaps an bounds by setting intentions and letting go of past paradigms that no longer serve us. We have been enjoying being in the moment and communicating as loving and clearly as we can to improve our time together. We have had a blast this summer.

Rory Smith, San Diego Class Leader- As summer comes to a close, my heart is full of gratitude having had the opportunity to travel north to Bend, Oregon and also across the country this summer to CT and Rhode Island to reconnect with both sides of our families. Living in San Diego, and far away from both mine and my husband’s family, it’s rare that our kids get to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all at the same time! With family reunions on both coasts, we were finally able to make it all happen! Family time is so important to us and we were able to share that with our children who made memories to last a lifetime!

Sarah Hamilton, Austin Class Leader- I am thankful to have many things to celebrate, acknowledge, or be grateful for but the iGnite community of team leaders and members is at the top pf my list along with the time I get to spend with my daughters, the fact that my back is so much better and I have far less pain, and the opportunities that I have to create a the life that I love.


Action Item

Take a moment to pause and reflect by opening your June, July and August day planner and look through all of your summer pictures so you can reflect upon the celebratory and grateful moments and memories you experienced.

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