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To Daughter From Dad: 25 Quotes & Wisdom

For many of us, our Fathers were and are men of few words, but the older we get the wiser their words become, and the greater impact they have on and in our lives. Today’s Journal is a celebration of our Fathers. It's full of heartfelt and funny quotes and wisdom, provided from our team and other unknown women. Thank you Fathers everywhere & Happy Father’s Day!

1. "Hold your tongue, listen, process and wait before you speak or respond to something that bothers you." - Alli Phillips Father

2. "If you're unhappy with a situation you can either change the situation, or change how you feel about it. Remember you're not stuck." - Unknown

3. "My dad's response to everything, good or bad: "you're building character!" - Unknown

4. "My dad, when giving me the drug talk, said, 'Look, I did a lot of crazy s*%* when I was your all the crazy s*%*. And trust me, it isn't worth it." - Unknown

5. 'The biggest investment that you can make is in yourself'. "While in school, when I came home with anything less than an "A" he would say", 'Why a B? The answers are all there in front of you. You have a teacher and a textbook.' My dad's patriotism is unmatched and he truly lived the JFK quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” - Betty Cunningham's Father

6. "Always trust your instincts. You have the best moral compass out of anyone I know. If it feels wrong, then it's wrong." - Unknown

7. "Take care of yourself, money is real, oh, and never get on the back of dudes' motorcycles."

- Unknown

8. "It's not where you start, but where you finish." - Unknown

9. "My dad is my biggest fan and still calls me his princess!" - Crystal Tidmore

10. "See the good in everyone and do not judge people too quickly. Everyone is going through something." - Unknown

11. "There are three kinds of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who sit back and watch things happen, and those who say, 'Wait, what happened?!' Be the person who makes things happen.' - Unknown

12. "Face your mistakes head-on and don't get lost telling lies." - Unknown

13. "Participate in life and don't miss anything!" - Kathleen Parker's Father

14. "You are in charge of your own fun." - Unknown

15. "Don't let the highs be too high or the lows be too low. Keeping balance is key." - Unknown

16. "My dad taught me about love for family through his actions. He loved nothing more than just spending time with us." - Kaye Eichler

17. "Leave the party before you stop having fun." - Unknown Father

18. "Life doesn't happen in comfortable equilibrium. Life only moves forward when you're brave enough to throw things one way or another. You can't fear change. Whether change is good or bad, it's change that makes your life a life that you are living." - Unknown Father

19. "You're as good as the best and better than the rest". Repeat after me, "I'm mean and tough!". "Do not worry. It gets you nowhere". Neissa Springmann's Father

20. "Always carry cash in case your car breaks down or you need to ditch a guy and find a cab." - Unknown Father

21. "My father is a man of few words, but many actions. He was and is a very hard worker. He can fix anything, has incredible work ethic and taught me how to be frugal and care for the Earth". - Paula Harnish

22. "One of the things I've learned from my dad is kindness and generosity towards others. Sounds simple but my dad is generous, not only in monetary and gift giving ways, but more importantly, in ways less tangible. He's generous with his time--quick to help others in need." - Rory Smith

23. "Do what you think is right, no matter how much external pressure there may be to go with another answer. That means hiring the best person for the job, no matter who they know, and staying away from answers that feel like they're "in the grey zone." - Unknown Father

24. "You don’t have to have everything you like" In other words, you can admire things and like them but that doesn’t mean that you have to have them. That has saved me some money! My Father also taught me to be honest as well as the importance of reading and getting an education. - Sarah Hamilton

25. "All my life he taught me to be grateful for all that I have, to always have faith in God and a positive attitude, to appreciate the miraculous human body and not take my health for granted, and to be there for family and friends through thick and thin." - Sha Klatt

Bonus: "In response to me lamenting about continually having to be the bigger person in situations and stepping up in my relationships, Dad said: 'It's like taking a s&*%. No one else can do it for you. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's uncomfortable, and sometimes you have to do it a lot more than you want to, but it's necessary to clean things out. And in the end, you always feel better afterward. And if you don't engage with this process, you get constipated. You get even more uncomfortable, and eventually you die.' I, of course, burst into laughter at this point, as did he, mostly because he was right. In between chuckles, he left me with this final piece of advice: 'So...well, eat your prunes and stay regular." - Unknown


Action Item:

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