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How To Stay In The Flow

Point to ponder:

Do you write down what you are grateful for and ask for what you want and need? Or do you wish, hope and want for it?

One of the my favorite podcasts is with Christine Hassler-- life coach, author and speaker. Like everyone, Christine has her own life-changing story that led her to finding her purpose and passion, and has provided her with the personal and professional direction and wisdom that she so openly shares. Christine’s entire podcast is perfection, and because we have officially entered May, I felt her suggestions as to "how to stay in the flow” and experience a continual life rhythm (so we don’t get side-tracked) is perfect for this transitional and busy month. Christine's recommendations are:

  • Breath of fire for 3 minutes upon waking. Short fast breath through the nose and into the lower body. This calms the very active mind.

  • Mediate/pray for 10 minutes and journaling, clearing out thoughts and anxiety.

  • Make a to-do list for me and one for what I’d like God to help with.

  • Exercise every day. Yoga or the gym.

  • Turn off devices at least one hour before bed. Write things that happened that day I’m grateful for.

  • Increase your awareness. You have choice. You are not a victim of your life.

Christine doesn't have children so after she went through her list of her daily practices, the interviewer, John O'Leary, asked the million dollar question that I actually wanted to ask: “For those people who have children, have full-time jobs, work multiple jobs, are single parents, etc., they are laughing at the idea of getting one of these done each day, more less finding the time to fit every practice into their day. So, what wisdom do you have for them?” Christine’s response was quick and simple: “Shorten the length of time by which you do each one. You can meditate for 1 minute, exercise for 20 minutes. ”

Due to Christine’s recommendations as well as her commenting that our evenings are connected with our mornings, I decided to practice making a to-do list (brain dump) each night before going to bed, making a to-do list for God, and writing down what I am thankful for. Excitingly, the outcome has been been impactful:

  1. Unlike other times in the past when I've started a gratitude journal, this has been different experience. I look forward to thinking about the day from start to finish and remembering the unique or even routine things that happened, people I met, friends I talked to, hugs I received, etc. Giving myself the time to reflect has caused me to be more aware and therefore grateful throughout the day.

2. I thought the to-do list (before going to bed) would only wind me up and turn on my brain, but it has actually done the reverse. Getting everything out of my brain and dumping it in

the notebook has freed up my brain. I am sleeping more peacefully and sound. I also wake up with a clear and focused mindset, knowing exactly what I need to tackle for the day.

3. The night-time practice that has made the greatest impact is creating the to-do list for God. At first I thought this was a bit harsh, like I’m bossing the Creator of the Universe around, but more than that, it’s basically a prayer journal that's blowing my mind. I have written down difficult and challenging personal and professional “asks” that I have little physical control over, and instead of being daunted by the things that I wish, hope or need to happen, I write them down for God to do. Each night I go back to the previous lists of my to-do’s for God and what He is answering is NUTS! Things that there is no way I’d be able to accomplish on my own, he’s answering, quickly! In the words of Shayna Grenewitz’s father I’m learning, “If you don’t ask, you don't get.”

Finally, in the podcast interview, one of my favorite lines by Christine is that “inspiration pulls us forward”, and I can assure you that listening to inspiring podcasts, being around inspiring people along with, diligently writing down what I am grateful for, and giving the “out of my physical, mental or emotion control” to-do’s for God is pulling me forward.


Action Item:

Get specific. Write down what you are grateful for, and ask for what you need and want.


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