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Why I Can't Stop Saying "Freakin'"

Point to Ponder:

Are you "Spring Break Ready"?

Last week, while thinking about our 6-Weeks to Spring Break Challenge, I found myself thinking about Spring Break and the real “why” behind us wanting you to make every effort to iGnite 24 times in 6-weeks. In the event you think we’re trying to guilt you into exercising because it’s time to “Get ready for bathing suit season.” No way, Jose! That’s not us. In fact, how annoying and unoriginal is that line? Of course we want you to feel good and confident in your bathing suit, but more importantly, we want you to get ready to have a freakin’ fun Spring Break...and then a freakin' fun summer!! Why? Because having fun is what Spring Break is for!... And if you’re feeling strong, confident, healthy, and fit, then you'll have a freakin' fun Spring Break! (Just a reminder, FUN, freakin’ fun, is one of our core values — swim suit shopping is not.)

I know I am speaking to the choir (as you are a freakin’ iGnite rockstar), but just as a reminder, we believe to enjoy a freakin’ fun Spring Break you need the physical, mental, and emotional fortitude to do anything — the energy and attitude to fully participate in any activity you choose, even if you are a novice. Actually, we encourage embracing the novice within and trying something new EVERY Spring Break.

Here’s why we are promoting 24 classes in 6-weeks: our classes prepare you to fully participate in the game of life (rather than sit on the sidelines). Think you “can’t do it” or “people will look at you” or “you’ll hold others up?” This is a defeatist mentality, and nope, iGnite don’t play that and neither do you! Full participation in life — this is why we have our a variety of classes and why we send text reminders of our class schedule and let you know how excited we are to see you. We know you don’t have unlimited hours to exercise, but when you take advantage and regularly attend our spectrum of classes, you gain:

  • STRENGTH You gotta have it to pull up behind a boat and water ski or snow ski down a mountain.

  • FLEXIBILITY You gotta have it to hike and climb mountains.

  • CORE STABILITY You gotta have it to ride a bike.

  • BALANCE You gotta have it to pop up on a surfboard or SUP board.

  • CARDIO ENDURANCE You gotta have it for tag with your kids at the park or beach.

  • A CONFIDENT, ALL-IN, SIGN-ME-UP, CAN-DO SPIRIT You just gotta have them all, period, end of story!


While "freakin" may not be the most sophisticated, proper or intelligent sounding word, the reason why I can’t stop saying it is because I….WE, want to emphasis why we are so passionate about your overall health, fitness and life. We not only want you having a freakin’ fun Spring Break, but we want you having a freakin’ awesome life!


Action Item

What and how many classes do you need to take this week that will allow you to CRUSH your 24 class goal?

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