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Goals for the New Year + 19 Ways to Make 2019 Your Most Amazing Year Yet!

Points to Ponder:

1. What excites you? What scares you?

2. What goals have you set in the past? What were the results?

3. How has working toward a goal resulted in personal growth and/or understanding (regardless of whether or not the goal was met)?

4. How has the support of others helped you in achieving past goals? And how have you felt "unsupported" in the past?

5. What are your goals for 2019?


Setting goals can be difficult. And certainly taking the steps (and hurdling the obstacles) to achieve them is challenging. But we're here to tell you, YOU'VE GOT THIS, and you've got iGnite supporting you with each step and every leap! In fact, to encourage and inspire you to jump into the new year with a focus on your fitness goals (whatever they may be), we've devised a simple 31-day class challenge (with a sweet incentive!)...

Jump Into January Challenge: 19 Classes to Start 2019!

Goal: Take 19 classes in January.

Prize: One month unlimited classes FREE!

Fine Print: Classes must be taken in their entirety to be counted toward the January Challenge total.


Bonus Year-Long Challenge: iGnite the Lives of 19 Friends

Goal: Invite 19 friends to try iGnite over the course of the year.

Prize: The gift of deeper stronger friendships and spiritual health.

If you love iGnite, we sure would appreciate it if you shared it! But beyond "word-of-mouth advertising" for us, why would we ask you to invite your friends to join us? Our reasons go way beyond growing our membership... We believe a personal invitation is an act of love, and regardless of whether or not the recipient accepts, reaching out sends a message that you are thinking about that friend and that you care about her... Quoting iGnite's yoga and Pilates guru, Amy Younkman, "Everyone loves an invitation."

Need more reasons to accept our year-long Friendship Challenge?

People, in particular women, are experiencing depression, loneliness, and anxiety at unprecedented rates. 1 in 8 women are depressed, and symptoms worsen during the winter months. But there is an anecdote. You, iGnite, WE, have it... It is exercise, relationships, and time spent in nature... These three defining iGnite attributes are all proven to alleviate depression, reduce anxiety, and minimize loneliness.

And if your friends feel "intimidated" or are worried that our classes will be too advanced, we have some "talking points" for you to share:

1. iGnite is for ALL women - not just the "super-fit." We offer numerous low-impact classes, and our instructors offer variations and modifications in ALL classes so that ALL levels can participate.

2. iGnite offers a number of indoor classes. (We're not just outdoor fitness!)

So, if your friend has "joints that can't take jumping or running," or "shoulders that can't take heavy weight lifting," or seasonal allergies making "outdoor exercise impossible," we still have classes for her! The only thing required is a can-do attitude. We got the rest!

3. iGnite's mission is to help our members feel great and be their best. Our vision is a community of women exercising (and playing!) together, supporting each other, and living their best lives, and in turn iGniting their families, workplaces, and communities beyond iGnite.


Finally, with a firm belief that robust and loving relationships are critical to living a healthy, inspired, and fulfilling life, we've come up with a list of 19 actions to improve your relationships, with others and SELF... We are certain that, if practiced regularly, these actions will lead to a happy and fulfilling 2019, and beyond!

19 Ways to Make it a Happy 2019! (and a Happy Life!)

1. Say “yes” to adventure

2. Exercise and move your body everyday

3. Buy less and purge more

4. Be extra kind, give more and expect less- If you want to see an improvement in any relationship, you must first be willing to change. Complacency and settling are never an option.

5. Communicate more - Communication in all areas prevents chaos

6. Drink tons of water

7. Play more

8. Spend more time doing what you love

9. Read more books than you did last year

10. Start each day in prayer and gratitude

11. Listen more and speak less

12. Get good sleep

13. Spend less time on social media

14. Spend more time outdoors

15. Eat and drink less sugar- AKA, wine

16. Write one hand-written note each month

17. Do more of what scares you

18. Say “no” to what you don’t want

19. Empty your cup by loving others, every day. Our job isn’t to fill others’ cups, rather our job is to empty ours.

In the coming weeks our journal inspiration will be drawn from this list, and we'll dive deeper into implementing each action into weekly (or daily) life.


Action Items:

1. Write down your goal(s) for 2019, along with the plans/steps required to reach it (them).

2. Consider the "why" behind your goal, and reflect on how it excites and scares you.

3. Share your goal with a friend, a fellow iGniter, and/or an iGnite leader.

4. Invite a friend to try iGnite.

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