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Class Spotlight: Swim Fit & Aqua Fit w/ Sha Klatt

Arguably, swimming is THE BEST non-impact full-body cardio workout. Further, it is appropriate for ALL fitness levels. And it is a great mode of cross-training for athletes, excellent for rehab, and can aid in recovery from injury.

iGnite's swim instructor, Sha Klatt, is THE BEST. Sha is a true swimming guru and within a few minutes of watching you move in the water, she offers a stroke analysis and simple suggestions to improve your swimming. Sha infuses humor and positivity into her instruction, and you'll leave her workout a better swimmer and in a better mood!

Specifically, Sha helps beginners get comfortable, relax, and learn how to move in the water, emphasizing "body balance," floating, breathing, and basic stroke technique. With intermediate level participants, Sha focuses on drills and exercises to improve and refine their stroke. And advanced participants get a vigorous cardio workout including drills and instruction to improve efficiency, speed, and endurance.

The workouts include use of a variety of equipment including flotation belts for aqua fit participants, water bar bells, kick boards, kick buoys, fins, and hand paddles, that keep this program fun and challenging. And the class ends with a hot tub stretch! Ahhhhh....

Join Sha, improve your swimming, improve your mood, and improve your life!

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