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The Love Yourself Dare: Part II Give Yourself What You Need

Point to Ponder:

How well do you love, appreciate and value yourself and the important roles you play within your universe?

Last weekend during our San Diego Retreat we welcomed a guest yoga instructor from San Diego. His name is Dat Nugyn. I have taken Dat's yoga classes for over two years and not only is his yoga instruction unique, challenging, rejuvenating, and inspiring, but he’s incredibly funny, intuitive and wise. His timing is impeccable too, as just when I begin taking my practice and poses too seriously he’ll throw in a sarcastic or light-hearted comment.

For example, when he arrived on Saturday we sat on our yoga mats by the pool and faced him. Per his instruction, some of us sat with our legs crossed—one leg stacked on top of the other in Lotus Pose/Padmasana, while others of us with tender knees sat in Easy Pose/Sukhasans, a.k.a. criss-cross apple sauce. He encouraged us to close our eyes and lean over our bent legs, giving us a hurt-so-good hip stretch. With the waves crashing behind us and the sun on our backs, we attentively listened for his next cue. Then, in a monotone and serious voice he said, “If you attend any yoga classes and this position doesn’t feel good to you, yet the yoga instructor tells you to stay in it and go deeper, tell him/her to shut up”. Of course we all burst into laughter, which put an end to any mental, physical or emotional tension that we might have been experiencing. On the other hand, he imparted the perfect wisdom that was not only ideal for our restorative and renewing retreat experience, but for every woman. His wisdom was, “You are the most important person in your universe. Why? Because your universe doesn't exist without you, and without you...everything within your universe is disrupted, disturbed and can't happen.” He was sure to make the point that this was not to be received in a proud or boastful way, rather it was to reinforce the importance of taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves and doing what we need to do for ourselves so that everyone and everything in our universe can optimally function. That's so iGnite, and I loved that!

With allergies as well as the cold and flu season being at it's worst, many of us have and are experiencing compromised health. And we all know, when we get sick our universe is legitimately thrown off it's axis. Life absolutely goes on, but our universe changes and is a bit wonky.

While a lot of times illness can't be prevented, many times it can which starts with recognizing what we need and giving it to ourselves, such as: more rest or sleep, a more wholesome diet, more (or less) exercise, proper hydration and/or more self-care. And then there's burnout, which totally affects our body, mind and spirit which for sure has a terrible and negative impact on and in our universe. Burnout, however, can be completely prevented in the form of a break, which first starts with loving, valuing and appreciating ourselves enough to occasionally step away to nurture our body, mind and girlish spirit.

And so, our love yourself dare continues, and this week I encourage you to love, value and appreciate your whole self by identifying what you need. Then, give it to yourself so that your universe can optimally function. If you need to give the "woman in you" a break and reignite your girlish spirit (I do, I do!) I highly recommend our Summer Adventure Escape to Whistler, BC (in July) or next year's San Diego Girlfriend Getaway Retreat already reserved for January 24-27, 2019 (same house/same chef/same awesomeness). Both are designed for you, so you can give the "woman in you" a break, and get your girl on!


Action Item:

Love, value and appreciate your whole-self and identify exactly what you need. Then, give it to yourself so you and your universe can optimally function.



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