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"Baby Got Back" by Popular Demand: Love Your Butt 40-Day Glute Challenge

February "Love Your Butt" Glute Challenge

Jan 29 - Mar 9

100 Glute Raises (Bridges) x 40 Days = 4,000 Glute Raises!

Join in! We are going to LOVE OUR BOOTIES with 100 GLUTE RAISES (BRIDGES) EVERY DAY FOR 40 DAYS STRAIGHT! THAT IS 4,000 GLUTE RAISES BY THE END OF THE CHALLENGE! (Yes, that includes Saturdays and Sundays.)

Just grab a calendar and keep track of your daily raises. It only takes a few minutes to complete 100 of them. You can switch it up and do 50 single leg bridges each side some of the days – a little harder!

Why do this? The benefits of GLUTE BRIDGES are endless!

1. Improves your POSTURE: weak glutes cause the abdomen to stick out and hips to tilt forward. Weak glutes and tight hip flexers from sitting cause bad posture. Strong glutes change all of that!! 2. PAIN REDUCTION AND INJURY PREVENTION: Strong glutes support the lower back. When the glutes are weak, muscles that are not designed for the job will take over. Over time, these “helper” muscles become overstressed, resulting in pain and compression in the lumbar spine, hips and knees. Protect your HIPS, KNEES AND ANKLES by strengthening your glutes with bridges!! 3. IMPROVES ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Tennis anyone? Golf? Cycling? Skiing? The GLUTES generate an enormous amount of power. This power translates into every day life activities and makes you better, stronger and faster at everything! 4. FAT LOSS AND LOSS MAINTENANCE: Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose fat. MUSCLE IS METABOLICALLY ACTIVE, meaning that even when you are not working out, your muscles will burn more calories from stored fat. Given that the glutes and hamstrings are two of the largest muscle groups in the body, their contribution to fat loss is HUGE! 5. THEY KEEP YOUR KNEES STABLE AND HEALTHY: Having strong glutes and proper quad-to-hamstring ratio will keep the knee happy and healthy!!!! Strong glutes also keep everything in proper alignment, because they work with your hips to keep everything in neutral rotation. Weak glutes cause your knee to rotate when you walk, in a way that can easily cause torn ligaments. 6. THEY HELP YOU MOVE! Glutes are the reason we can walk and run, and generally do any other kind of movement. They are responsible for initiation and acceleration of movement and rotation and stabilization of the hips. They help keep your back and core stabilized, and are responsible for propelling your legs and body when you move. 7. Glute Raises are a great way to stretch and improve tight hip flexors. 8. YOU LOOK DANG GOOD FROM BEHIND : ). Strong glutes make you look more youthful, great in a swimsuit, great in leggings and just about great in anything you put on—including your "birthday suit” : ) Whoop!!!

Cheers to nothing BUTT strong glutes!!

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