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Why Escape?

Reflections on the iGnite Summer Escape to Jackson Hole Wyoming

It's 2am. The cowboys are all going home. We've closed down one of the oldest honky-tonk cowboy dancehalls and bars in the country. It's time to say goodnight to our dance partners and hop off our saddle barstools and head back to the barn (aka condo). Then someone has the crazy idea to go to the fairgrounds to meet the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Did I mention that it's 2am? We're at a crossroads. Our sensible minds and tired dancing bodies want to say "no". Our wild cowgirl spirits want to say "YES"! We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be escorted into the locked down and guarded stalls to meet the one and only Clydesdales. We have our adventure. We have our guides. We would normally say "no", but girl power takes over and we say "yes"! This is just one of many stories from our recent Jackson Hole iGnite Escape, where we claimed our cowgirl HELL YES!

There is something magical and transformative that happens when we sign up for an adventure--especially if it's with a bunch of girlfriends. We need each other to help us recall the silly little girl inside us--the bold teenager that still resides--the confident young woman ready to take on the world. Remember her? That's you! All of those characteristics and all of those qualities are ours. We just forget to grab hold of them, pull them out of us, and let them say hello.

It has become culturally encouraged to say "no" in an effort to unburden our busy schedules. But the problem with saying "no", is that it can keep us from saying "yes" to experiences and relationships that are going to enrich our lives. When we are unsure of a decision, the safest thing to do is to decline (politely, of course--we are Southern women). But it sure is more fun to say "YES" even if, and especially when we don't know all the details. This is when we flex our faith muscles. Have faith that when you accept the invitation to adventure, you are opening yourself up to new friendships and reuniting with that fiery, feisty and fun girl inside you. She's in there. Let her say hello! Better yet, let her say HELL YES!

So, will I see you on the next iGnite Escape? I sure hope so. You can probably guess my answer...HELL YES!

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