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iGnite Member Lunches

One of my favorite things about iGnite is the opportunity to meet other women and make new friends. This sets iGnite apart in so many ways. We are truly a community of women that love each other, encourage one another, and get excited to see our friends in and out of our workouts.

Every other month we meet at restaurants all over Austin to try new places and just gather together for fun and friendship. I've really gotten to know these women so much better from our community events like the lunches. It's easier to get to know each other over lunches than crunches! We spark friendships in class for sure, but we're working so hard and breathing so heavily and jumping around from station to station that we can't always chit chat like women like to do. Our member lunches let us come as we are (in workout clothes or work clothes) and just hang out with each other and have great conversation and girlfriend time. I always look forward to putting these lunches on my calendar.

I'm really excited this year to be adding our Lifestyle Lunches on the months in between our Member Lunches. When I first started attending iGnite classes seven years ago, I loved going to the wellness workshops that members hosted in their homes. We would learn about a different wellness topic each time, have a healthy lunch, and once again get to know each other a little better. These Lifestyle Lunches will do just that. Can't wait for our next iGnite lunch!

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