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Meet Holistic Nutritionist Stacey Baganz

Stacey is a passionate advocate of whole foods eating and believes that "Health starts on your dinner plate." In addition to dietary changes, she prescribes lifestyle changes, and crafts programs for her clients that lay the foundation for their optimal wellness.

Stacey takes an "up-close and personal" approach, using testing to determine the unique biochemical individuality and nutrient deficiencies of her clients, which she says are the key factors in creating an effective nutrition program. Stacey also considers lifestyle, activity level, as well as work and home-life, when constructing plans for her clients, offering "whole-person" do-able programs tailored specifically for them.

Stacey also specializes in children's nutrition, and believes that healthy eating is the first line of defense in treating and preventing many illnesses, including many of the "chronic" diseases, disorders, and behavioral and learning challenges that have become more and more prevalent in children in the last decade. She encourages and empowers parents to be active participants in their children’s health and well-being, and in treating their illnesses and behavior problems suggests dietary and physical activity changes.

Stacey will help you and your family, "Improve your health. Change your life."

Contact Stacey at or 858.248.5343.

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